Miller Bobcat 260 LP (Kohler) Engine-Driven Welder 907794

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Rugged engine-driven welder is great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding and designed for maintenance/repair operations, construction, farm, ranch and auxiliary power use.

Designed for Reliability 

From Appleton, Wisconsin USA, our engine-driven welders are the most rugged, durable and long-lasting in the industry. We manufacture them to exceed requirements for extreme working conditions and they are hard-working from the core with:  

  • Copper windings and iron generator components for a quality-built machine 

  • Lugged — not soldered — heavy internal leads for better field durability  

  • Superior cooling technology for maximum performance and engine life  

  • Protective doors to cover the weld studs and receptacles as required by OSHA and CSA for jobsite safety  

  • Lift hook integrated into the center frame, which bolts to the machine’s base for greater durability 


Small, Light Design 

Bobcat engine-driven welders take up less space on trucks and trailers — leaving more room on your truck for other equipment and tools. Plus, they’re easy to move around jobsites — even with weld cables attached. 

Easy Maintenance 

With its intuitive design, the daily maintenance of our Bobcat engine-driven welders is fast and easy. Front panel maintenance displays help you know when your equipment needs to be serviced. And servicing is simple because of: 

  • Oil checks that can be performed easily through the top of the machine by the access door 

  • Toolless panels that allow for quick access 

  • Single-side fuel fill and oil drain/filter 


Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A) 

Flux Cored (FCAW) 


Stick (SMAW) 




Bobcat™ 260 LP (Kohler) Engine-Driven Welder 

Industries Interests 

Farm and Ranch 
Maintenance and Repair - Field Operations 
Maintenance and Repair - In Plant 
Work Trucks 


40 A - 260 A 

Weldable Metals 

Stainless Steel 

Current Type 

AC / DC 


Lift Eye (Standard) 
Running Gear / Cart (Optional) 
Trailer (Optional) 

Engine Brand 


Engine Idle Speed 

2300 RPM 

Engine Weld Speed 

3600 RPM 

Fuel Type 



21 hp 

Weld Output 


Rated Output 

CC/AC: 225 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle / 260 A at 25 V, 60% duty cycle; CC/DC: 260 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle; CV/DC: 260 A at 28 V, 100% duty cycle / 275 A at 25 V, 60% duty cycle 

Single Phase Auxiliary Continuous Power 

9500 W 

Single Phase Auxiliary Peak Power 

11000 W 

Sound Rating 

72.5 dB/72 dB at max. load/150 A 

Net Width 

20 in 

Net Height 

28 in 

Net Length 

40.5 in 

Net Weight 

501 lbs