Tillman - 30 LTH INDURA F FLEX - 3360 (33602X)

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  • Premium dark brown side split Cowhide leather, specially tanned for heat resistance.
  • Full back panel made of 10.5 oz Westex Indura® stretch material significantly reduces jacket weight, increases comfort and coolness.
  • Raglan sleeves with satin lining for greater overall shoulder and arm movement.
  • Double layer of leather for front snaps with rivet reinforced key stress points.
  • Outside pocket for small item storage.
  • Soapstone pocket on each sleeve.
  • Sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread for added strength and heat resistance
  • Designed for light duty welding only. Must keep clean to insure protection.
  • Warning: Back material will not withstand heavy-duty welding activity