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Miller Weld-X™ Helmet Bib 253882

Miller Weld-X™ Helmet Bib 253882

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Miller® Welding Helmet Bib is specially designed to protect the neck from weld spatter as well as ultraviolet arc light. Helmet bib features a velcro attachment to easily accommodate all welding helmets. Flame resistant WeldX™ contoured bib provides protection without increasing heat stress.

Feature Details

WeldX™ CarbonX® welding helmet bib offers the highest level of Fire Resistant protection without a corresponding increase in heat stress | Velcro® attachment for easy fit on all Miller welding helmets
Manufacturer: Miller®
Color: Black
Material Weight: 3 Ounce
Material: WeldX™
Modifier 2: Flame Resistant
Clothing Type: Helmet Bib
Closure: Velcro®