Miller Wireless TIG Hand Amperage Control 301582

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Save your business time and money and improve workspace safety and efficiency with wireless hand controls. With fewer cables to manage, wireless hand controls offer unmatched flexibility in your operation while increasing productivity. 

Easy-to-install receiver 

Plugs directly into the 14-pin receptacle of Miller machines. 

Easily programmable 

Control can be quickly paired with Miller 14-pin wireless receiver. 

Smart Touch buttons 

Increase or decrease machine parameters in 1 or 5 percent increments for quick and accurate adjustments. 

Multiple frequency sharing 

Allows up to 20 systems to operate in a 90-foot (27.4 m) radius with accuracy and precision — and without delay, system interference, or crosstalk. 



Wireless Hand Control 

Battery Life 

250 hours,251 hours 


Hand Control (Transmitter) 

Operating Range 

300 ft 

Power Supply 

Three AA Batteries 

Radio Frequency 

2.4 Ghz (ISM Band) 

RF Power 

<3 mW 


-13 F - 158 F